the australian tv show ‘neighbours’ started on march 18th, 1985 and should have finished on march 18th, 1985

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A casual reminder that Vegemite once tried to call itself “iSnack 2.0”


why would you bring this up again. it was a bad time for all of us

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  • trick or treat in america: receive candy
  • trick or treat in australia: "fuck off cunt this isn't america"

i ain’t sayin’ she a gold-digger, but she did move to Ballarat in 1854

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it’s a long way to the shop if ya wanna sausage roll


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There’s too many fucking crybabies on this fucking site.

Oh no a 20 year old movie has an aggressive white dude! Help

Omg theres s tree!

I don’t think they could ever survive in the real world.

Your posts never cease to make me giggle when I’m having a crappy day. And I agree. Sometimes being here is a bit like babysitting and not getting paid, so all you can do is sit back and watch the trainwrecks.


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